Recap & Review AHS S06E01: Chapter One

Credit: FX

Credit: FX

Welp. It’s that time of the year folks where Ryan Murphy graces us with a new season in his horror anthology series American Horror Story. There has been much speculation this year about what Season Six’s theme was going to be and the marketing campaign the show has been doing has not helped much with that speculation. Last week, however, we had one of our questions answered.

The new season is titled AHS: Roanoke. For those of you who are not aware of the history of Roanoke, originally it was a colony on Roanoke Island located in North Carolina. It was supposed to be an English settlement but, three years after the last shipment of supplies from England, the colony had vanished. No one knows what happened to that colony.

Considering the mystery behind such an infamous part of early America’s history, it’s not surprising that Ryan Murphy selected that to start us off on this season.

Now, let us get onto the recap and review.

Credit: FX

Credit: FX

First off, the decision to shoot the show in a mockumentary style is brilliant. Considering how many ghost related TV shows are out there that film in this style, I think it’s a joke that we’re all fortunate enough to be on. It’s definitely a refreshing change of pace in comparison to previous seasons. I also liked how, in a way, the show is mocking the ghost reenactment shows. The typical people you see on these shows are definitely represented in the characters we were introduced to in this episode and I’m very much interested in where the show will end up going with this.

We are first introduced to the “real” Shelby and Matt, a loving couple who relocate to rural North Carolina after a violent incident in Los Angeles  scars both of them. It doesn’t take them long to find a creepily beautiful old farm house, a house that practically screams that it is haunted. This interracial couple beats out a couple of redneck family members to buy the house cheap at an auction. Word of advice for future home owners: if a house is dirt cheap, there is something wrong with it. Seriously, don’t trust the cheapness. Looks like the couple are going to be learning this the hard way this season.

Matt frequently leaves the house for his job two hours away in the city, leaving Shelby alone. Shelby is not in the best psychological state since, as we find out in the interviews, she hasn’t recovered from the miscarriage she suffered in Los Angeles. Creepy things start happening while Shelby is gone, prompting police to come to the house at least once before Matt decides to install security cameras to record anything awry. He’s convinced that its just the rednecks screwing around with them for buying the house. He invites his sister Lee to come down and watch over Shelby, which we later find out is like mixing water with oil.

Lee thinks that Shelby is overly emotional and doesn’t believe that what she’s seen is real. Until, one fateful night, the house is attacked by something. Lee and Shelby run downstairs and are locked in the basement for over 30 minutes, enough time for anything to happen really. Matt receives a notification that the security has been tripped and freaks out when he sees a group of people with torches and pitchforks walking up to the gate. When Matt eventually gets there, he and the two ladyfolk see Blair Witch-like dolls hung around the beautifully creepy staircase that sits in the middle of their home.

Shelby, rightfully, freaks out and escapes from the house via car. Out of nowhere, Kathy Bates (I mean her character…) appears and Shelby runs her over. Shelby attempts to follow Kathy Bates into the woods, getting lost and then running into a crowd of torch carrying weirdos.

This is where we end the episode.

Credit: FX

Credit: FX

General Thoughts

  • I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to smack someone senseless until I saw Sarah Paulson’s Shelby. The character is literally every horror movie victim trope known to mankind. I kept yelling at the screen because she did the most stupid mistakes ever.
  • Much lady boner over the direction Ryan Murphy is taking this series this season. I’m loving it.
  • Just because you love a house doesn’t mean you should buy it…
  • Also, cheap houses have to be haunted. Why else would they be so cheap?
  • Lily Rabe, Andre Holland, and Adina Porter do such a great job conveying so many emotions during their brief scenes, especially Lily Rabe. You can’t quite take your eyes off of her.
  • This show is going to give me family gathering flashbacks. I can feel it.

Have you guys seen the first episode so far? What do you think of the season? What are your theories for what will happen this season? Let us know in the comments below. Also, make sure to check out the teaser trailer for the second episode below. The episode premieres tonight on FX.


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