Vans has been on an epic roll of releasing nostalgic, nerdy footwear.
In a galaxy far, far away, Vans released their Star Wars collection. This was in 2014 and left sneaker lovers and nerds wanting so much more.
In 2015, Vans released their first edition of a Disney collection. Various designs included Mickey and friend, Winnie the Pooh, the princesses, the villains, and even 101 Dalmations!
Vans released the Disney footwear and apparel collection Young at Heart on Friday.
In 2016, Vans released their Nintendo collection. Gamers were elated to find their favorite characters such as Mario, Luigi, Peach, and the bad guys. Retro lovers had plenty to pick from as well, including Duck Hunt and the Legend of Zelda.
On October 7th, we are expecting a new line of Vans, this time featuring Toy Story! That’s right, Pixar and Disney lovers unite, it’s time to sneaker up with your favorite childhood movie. Different sneakers feature Buzz, Woody, Bo Beep, and the Pizza Planet Aliens! What’s even better is that at the bottom of their sneakers, Andy’s name is written on it. Perfection.
P.S. The aliens GLOW.
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