See What Thor Was Up to During Captain America: Civil War

Thor Mockumentary

The highlight of Marvel Studio’s Comic Con presentation was the footage they screened for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. That footage still hasn’t made its way online yet, but the second best thing has.

To promote next year’s Thor: Ragnarok, which at the time of the panel had only been shooting for five days, Kevin Feige screened a mockumentary showing what Thor was up to during the events of Civil War. Shot by Ragnarok director Taika Waititi, the video is a hilarious look at Thor trying to fit into the world of white collar Australia. It played great for the audience in Hall H, and now you can see it for yourself.

I’m really, really glad Marvel put this footage online. There’s no reason for them not to; there’s no potentially rough effects they don’t want to subject to scrutiny, there’s no spoilers that they might want to keep under wraps. It’s just a very funny video.

It’s also hopefully a sign of what we can expect, to an extent, from Thor: Ragnarok. Obviously the movie can’t be all fun and games, but if you hire a guy with an eye for the absurd like Waititi, hopefully you’re gonna allow him to inject some of that absurdity into the movie.

We’ll find out just how weird Ragnarok is when it hits theaters next year on November 3rd. Until our first real trailer, we’ll just have to content ourselves with this very fun video. What do you think? Is Fury really Nick’s name? Give us  your thoughts in the comments.

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