From Tabletop to Desktop: How Dice Influence the Gameplay of Super Dungeon Tactics

The exciting randomness that dice bring to games is a feeling many board game players know and love. In video games, we don’t often experience this. But with Underbite Games’ Super Dungeon Tactics, dice are a core mechanic that makes every round and repeated playthroughs feel like a new challenge!


Dice in Super Dungeon Tactics influence the flow of battle for heroes and enemies alike. At the start of each game round, both sides take turns assigning their dice results to their units. Each die contains two types of symbols – Boosts and Specials. Boosts come in four flavors for increased base damage, movement speed, damage resistance and HP. Specials come in three categories – Active, Passive and Skull – for new actionable and passive abilities, or in the unlucky case of Skull, support for enemies.


Many factors influence the favor of the dice in Super Dungeon Tactics. High-ranking enemies and hero equipment contribute to the die pool of possible results by swapping die sides with different symbols. Players must strategically consider their character options to affect the outcomes of battle and provide themselves with additional combat options.unnamed copy

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