Suicide Squad: Jokers to the left of me, Jokers to the right



Okay folks, so the question is “Was Suicide Squad good?” The answer is “Yes”. It was definitely not without its flaws, but I came out of the theatre with the thought that it was better than I expected it to be. So let us discuss the movie further. I will warn you there are spoilers so if you have not seen it yet, turn back now.



I will admit I know next to nothing about the Suicide Squad comics. My knowledge of them is that they are a group of villians who are tasked with the suicide missions where they are set up to fail. If anything goes wrong, they get the blame because they are villians anyway. To make sure they obey any order, they are equipped with bomb collars to force them to comply. Except in this movie, the bomb collars are changed to nanochips injected into their neck.

The movie starts out with the world coping with the death of Superman from the Batman V Superman film, The government is looking for a line of defense that can defend their interests for the next threat that comes. Amanda Waller, played awesomely by Viola Davis, uses this opportunity to introduce Task Force X. As she introduces each member, we get a little side story as to how each member ended up getting caught by her in the first place. Let me tell you folks, the trailers will have you believing the focus should be Harley Quinn. Do not get me wrong, she was good, but the true superstar is Deadshot. Will Smith shines in that role. The way they went about bringing a humanity to the villian was awesome as well. Plus they hint at a developing relationship between him and Harley Quinn.  Speaking of Harley Quinn, I was happy with her first protroyal on the big screen. Margot Robbie did a good job with it. When they introduce her, pay attention because there is a blink and you miss it reference to a Harley Quinn that long time fans will enjoy.


So after we are introduced to the squad, we are introduced to the threat that they will be facing. Early in the movie someone calls out Amanda Waller on her level of control of the squad. It is quickly proven how little control she actually has when she makes the dumb decision to send Rick Flagg with one of the squad members known as Enchantress. Chaos ensues and the Enchantress inacts her plan to take over the world. The squad is sent in to stop her. If they do not destroy each other first in the process.

In the meantime, Joker is looking for his puddin. Jared Leto as the Joker was  something I was kind of meh about. I can say now do not judge a book by its cover. It is definitely a different look for him, but I will say the acting was very well done. Still not one of my favorite Joker looks, although I was impressed. As you I mentioned before, the trailers would think the movie was centered around them. However the Joker shows up very little. The chemistry between the Joker and Harley was very well protrayed. In the end, Joker does come for his pudding. Which I am sure will lead up the events of the solo Batfleck film. Yes Batfleck shows up as well as another surprise. I will not ruin the surprise however.


So the major flaw of this film was the pacing and the plot. It seemed disjointed at times. Especially when it got to the final act. Things are building up, the action is going smoothly, and then you hit a brick wall as things are suddenly slowed down and you take a detour into a bar. I also think in the beginning when they were doing the introductions of the different squad members, those could have been done better instead of just throwing them in all together like they did. The whole plot was something that been done many times before by Marvel. Supreme being is resurrected, sees the world is lost without them, so they create a macguffin that will rebuild the world in their own image. Yeah, not very impressive. Another gripe I had was that there are scenes in the trailer that we did not see in the movie. Maybe due to reshoots or maybe stuff we will see when it comes out on home video.





DC is really trying with their own cinematic universe. They even tried to address the issue that their universe is too dark and gritty by adding humor to the film. Which the humor works when it works. However if they really want to make this work, they need to stop trying so hard to impress us. I think if they do that, that will really get the critics to take them more seriously. Do not listen to the critics. Give this film a fair chance as I did. You will be very impressed. And make sure to stay after the credits roll for a little extra something.

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