Jared Leto feels tricked by Suicide Squad


Jared Leto is still not happy at all with how little his role was in Suicide Squad. And he has not been afraid of being public with his displeasure.

At a Q&A session at last weekend’s “Camp Mars”, a three day weekend dedicated to his band Thirty Seconds of Mars, Jared Leto revealed to fans that he was very disapppointed, that he felt tricked into being a part of something that had been pitched to him very differently. There is more that was revealed on Batman-news.com, including the fact that he has yet to even see Suicide Squad in theatres.


It seems now that Jared Leto is so unhappy that he is distancing himself as much as he can from the film. Which in a way, I cannot blame him for being a bit peeved. It kind of makes you wonder before they reshot the film to add more humor to it, what exactly they had planned for him and his role for the Joker. It is already apparent many of Leto’s scenes were cut.

Compared to Enchantress, he would made a better antagonist. He would have been a better threat, and would have a heck of a better plan than whatever it was that she was trying to do. With early reports of how dark Suicide Squad was going to be before they decided to reshoot it, perhaps that was the original plan.

Which would have been better than just showing him chasing after Harley Quinn the whole time.


With how unhappy that Jared Leto is, it now seems doubtful he will portray the role again if they include the Joker again in the DC Extended Universe. Which I would be okay with that. As a long time fan of the Joker character, I thought he was okay in the role. He impressed me by making the role not suck, but it was not my most favorite portrayal.

Suicide Squad is currently still playing in theaters everywhere.

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