Ben Affleck teases us with Deathstroke!


Ben Affleck sent fans into a frenzy earlier today when he posted a clip on his official Twitter showing Deathstroke on the set of the Justice League movie.

As to whether he will be a villian or helping the Justice League as they face the larger threat known as Steppenwolf remains to be seen.

Nothing has been officially confirmed but the fact we got a clip showing him in action, it seems very likely that Deathstroke will be making an appearance of some sort.


This may not be the only movie he will making an appearance in if that is the case. According to The Wrap, a source reveals that he will be the main villain in the solo Batman film. Which as fan of all things Batman,  makes me very happy. This has not been confirmed however.

If true, I like this trend of the lesser known rogues being brought to the big screen. It proved to be very successful for Deadshot and how they portrayed him.

If they replicate that with Deathstroke, this could be mean very good things. The question is, who could they get to play the role? Let the speculation begin.

I just hope that when and if they introduce him, we are not subjected to an origin story of his character. He needs no explanation. He lets his actions speak for himself.


For those not familiar, Deathstroke, also known as Wade Wilson, is an enhanced soldier who is very capable of going to toe to toe with any foe. He has even taken Batman to his limit. He is a very dangerous character and not to be taken lightly.

Justice League will not be out in theaters until Nov 17th, 2017. In the meantime, maybe we will see more of Deathstroke and find out exactly what role he will be playing in the events of Justice League.




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