More Star Wars Episode 8 Character Info Revealed!

Star Wars Episode VIII Spoilers: Kelly Marie Tran’s Character Details Revealed


According to IWasRaisedToDoOneThing, Tran appears to be playing an “information broker” who auctions their knowledge off to the highest bidder. At some point in the film, a scene was apparently shot of Tran with John Boyega (Finn) where she gives him a tip-off on the First Order. Reports indicate that the pair meet in a “bar that is much fancier than the ones seen in previous films” and that the actress was sporting a “dark green (almost brown) jacket that matches her pants and a low cut black top that has some sort of purple pattern on it, belt, and boots.”

Kelly Tran - Star Wars

The source has also reported the actress’ character is named Aya, but they did warn fans that Aya might simply be a code name they only used during filming. Whether or not that name will stick, who knows? Fans will only find out after more details on Star Wars Episode 8 are released closer to the film’s premiere.


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