EXCLUSIVE: Will Brother Voodoo Be In Doctor Strange?

Awhile back we saw the release of the first part of their Prelude to Doctor Strange comic. I will be getting into minor spoilers here, so, here’s your warning.

Warning, Spoilers ahead.

This issue sees a team of mystics going after a magical relic wielded by an unknown female character. the team includes the following “Masters of the Mystic Arts: Wong, Kaecilius, Daniel Drumm, and Tina Minoru. If that last name sounds familiar, it’s because Tina is the mother of Nico Minoru, one of The Runaways. We have recently learned that The Runaways has been officially greenlit as a series for Hulu.

We have also learned that Daniel Drumm’s brother Jericho, better known as Brother Voodoo will also be making an appearance in Full Costume, however, it seems as if this will be a very brief scene and unless you know what you’re looking for, you could miss it.

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