10 Crazy Twists We Could Expect in STAR WARS 8

As we wait patiently for Star Wars Episode 8, the guys over at the Viral Killer YouTube Channel have put together some very interesting thoughts. We are sure you will find at least a few of theses theories worth exploring.

From Viral Killer – So in the video we are going to discuss some crazy surprises we can expect in Star Wars Episode 8. This video is meant to be a bit of fun and not to be taken to seriously, but some of these facts do have some convincing rumors and evidence backing them. So let’s begin.

We’ve all heard the rumors about Hayden Christensen playing a shape shifting Vader slash Anakin force ghost. This idea was originally intended for The Force Awakens, as evidenced by the concept art.

It was one of the many things that were dropped before the movie was released, but it is something they could still revisit in Episode VIII. In fact, it would make even more sense now that Luke Skywalker is back in the mix, presumably teaching Rey the ways of the Force. We could also witness an appearance from Yoda or Obi-Wan Kenobi as force ghosts.

4. Snoke’s identity

Yawn…He’s Darth Plagueis, right? Wrong, he’s the inquisitor from Star Wars Rebels! Nope, he’s, er Vader, because have the same scars on their heads. But actually, he’s a time-travelling Kylo Ren from the future, back to teach himself the ways of the Force, because that makes more sense.
Or maybe he’s just Snoke?
Lots of Snoke theories have appeared online since The Force Awakens, some pretty convincing and others downright silly like Snoke is Leia. He may well ‘just’ be Snoke, and that would be a surprise given his strange background and the amount of theories, but equally making him Darth Plagueis would be a brave move. The reveal would have to be subtle.

5. 4th death star
Why do the bad guys keep building these huge, planet-destroying weapons? From the original Death Star, to the half complete one in Return of the Jedi, and The Force Awakens’ Starkiller Base, they’re pretty much doing the same thing over and over, with disastrous results.
So, surely they can’t build ANOTHER Death Star now, can they? Well, of course they can, because really, if you’ve got something that can destroy entire planets, what other weapon is going to top that? Sure, it has a few flaws, but if you could actually perfect this sob, then it would be the greatest weapon in the galaxy.

6. More main characters die…spoilers

Killing off Han Solo was a bold move, and we can probably expect more deaths in Episode 8.

For both the Resistance and the First Order, there’s a good chance that more major characters will be killed off over the next couple of films, even if some fans believe they are untouchable.

Everyone from the original trilogy is approaching 70, so killing them off before they god forbid, die in real life would be a tempting proposition for Disney, as they’re already planning episodes 10.11 and 12, and there’s no guarantee they will be still around and kicking.

8. Kylo Ren is redeemed

Kylo Ren may feel the pull towards the light, but he made his choice when he killed his daddy. No doubt it was incredibly hard, but it’s done, and now he’ll be trained more in the ways of the Dark Side.

So really, there’s no way he should be redeemed. Yes, Anakin killed younglings and Obi-Wan and did all other sorts of monstrous things, but from the moment he was presented as being Luke’s father, there was the possibility of him coming back to the Light Side.

It is much harder to redeem Kylo Ren as he killed a much beloved character, but we don’t know what kind of influence Luke will have on Kylo Ren, in episode 8. Do you think Kylo Ren can be redeemed?

9. The first order wins
The standard narrative of Star Wars is that, in the end, the good guys win. Sure, battles will be lost, people will die, but the Rebels – or now the Resistance – win the war.
But what if they don’t win this one? After all, we’re expecting things to play out the same as the Rebels against the Empire, and if they really wanted change things up, then having the First Order defeat the Resistance at the end of Episode IX would be a major way of doing that.
This really ties into the idea of Episode IX not being the end of Star Wars and that the story will continue in episodes 10,11 and 12.

10. Rey is not a skywalker
What is Rey’s surname, and who are her parents? Why was she left on jakku? The most likely answer is she is Rey Skywalker.

Disney said Star Wars is the story of Skywalkers, and Rey is the new hero, and her clothing even looks like Luke’s and she Force pulls his lightsaber out of the snow and it just makes perfect sense that she’s his daughter. But then, maybe she’s not.

There are plenty of other theories, like she’s Obi-Wan’s granddaughter), but maybe she really is no one, and was simply just being trained by Luke at his Jedi Academy, and was the only survivor. Most signs do point to Skywalker, but the next two instalments could have a major twist in store for us.

Viral Killer

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