Split Movie Trailer Gives Viewers The Creeps

The trailer for the upcoming horror movie, Split, has been unleashed on the internet.  

Split depicts a man played by James McAvoy who kidnaps three teenage girls played by Jessica Sula, Haley Lu Richardson and Anya Taylor-Joy (Witch).  The girls are held underground in what looks to be a large bunker.  The girls discover McAvoy has multiple personalities, 23 to be exact.

The personalities range from a woman to a nine-year-old boy and everywhere in-between.  Not all of the personalities appear to be dangerous and in fact the girls try to befriend one and get its help to escape. The trailer hints at the most dangerous one of them all is coming for the girls, the beast.

The film seems to be a chance for McAvoy to show what kind of range as an actor he has.  It is unclear if the viewer will see all 23 personalities but even the few we saw in the trailer are impressive.  The role was originally going to be played by Joaquin Phoenix who has been creeping me out for years and would have killed.  However, I am a big McAvoy fan and I have faith in him.  What he has shown so far in the trailer is raising my interest in the movie for sure.

If this movie sounds interesting to you then I must confess something.  I wanted to withhold this from the viewer so the trailer can be seen objectively and without bias.  Split is directed and written by M. Night Shyamalan of Sixth Sense fame.  Shyamalan has had a rocky time since Sixth Sense and his movies have gone from “bad” to “not that bad” for the most part.

This trailer looks promising and it will only take one good movie to restore America’s faith in him. In my opinion the movie should not have his name on it at all but instead end with “surprise you just watched a M. Night Shyamalan movie and enjoyed it.”  Maybe next time he can do that.

Split is coming to a theater near you on Jan. 20, 2017.   

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