Rise-Up for Elhoffer Design’s New HamilGown Collection

hamilgown-logoHistory is happening, in Elhoffer designs, and we just happen to be living in the greatest fashion trend of the year. The musical Hamilton has become a break-out sensation with sold out shows, eleven Tony Awards, and a national tour on the way. It is no wonder that the show inspired fans to create their own interpretations from elements of the Broadway show. One of those fans being the extremely talented Catherine of Elhoffer Designs; who has created a collection of Hamilton inspired dresses and tunic tops.

"Work!" Start your clothing revolution with these three designs based off The Schuyler Sisters.

“Work!” Start your clothing revolution with these three designs based off The Schuyler Sisters.

Elhoffer has us helpless and soon all fans will be saying, I do to the Hamilgown collection. Elhoffer’s collection began as an idea to create the perfect outfit for going to see the show but then turned into an entire collection bringing to life the characters such as General George Washington, Angelica and Eliza Schuyler, the Marquis de Lafayette, Thomas Jefferson, Aaron Burr, and, the star, Alexander Hamilton. Also included, are tunics inspired by the Continental Blue Coats. Catherine’s followers have been treated to previews of the designs through her Instagram account.

Above: The cast of Hamilton Below: Elhoffer Designs

Raise your glass to these designs (below photo) based off the original costumes from the musical Hamilton (above photo).

Top: Angelica, Hamilton, Eliza from Hamilton the Musical Bottom: Elhoffer Designs based off the characters

Elhoffer designs is non-stop!

You’re not gonna need to know how to say no to this, because were all screaming HELL YES! The fun for Elhoffer designs did not stop there. Lauren Elisabeth Photography teamed up with Elhoffer when it was time to showcase the collection. During the showcase the models listened, sang along and danced to the soundtrack while recreating popular scenes and images that have been wetting fans appetite for the show.

Not wanting to blow her shot, Elhoffer hopes to show her collection to Hamilton star and creator, Lin Manuel Miranda in hopes of reaching a bigger audience. So far she has gotten nothing but positive feedback on social media.

"Make em drop and burn the remains", as you strut your stuff in Elhoffer's redesign of Lafayette's outfit.

“Make em drop and burn the remains”, as you strut your stuff in Elhoffer’s redesign of Lafayette’s outfit.

Check out more of Catherine’s pop culture and geek inspired work on the website for Elhoffer Designs and trust me, it will leave you saying “Awesome, Wow”.

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