Robert Downey Jr. Endorses the New Female, African-American Iron Man

Yesterday we learned that Tony Stark will be passing the Iron mantel to the 15 year-old black teenager named Riri Williams. The character shift is set to take place in the Invincible Iron Man relaunch series as a part of the Marvel NOW! (written by Brian Michael Bendis) immediately after the events of Civil War II.

It looks like Robert Downey Jr. is on board with where writer Brian Michael Bendis is steering the Iron Man Franchise.

We don’t know much about Riri, other than her age, name and the fact that she’s a science wiz enrolled at MIT. Riri was first introduced in the pages of the original Invincible Iron Man #7 and ended up building a prototype flight suit for herself out of old, discarded Iron Man scraps. She takes her homemade suit out for a test drive and a few rescue missions before grabbing the attention of War Machine and Tony Stark.

With the fallout from Civil War II, it looks like we can expect to see some major changes in almost every single comic across the Marvel line. Marvel Studios have always been praised for sticking to the source material as far as characterizations and storylines go, starting with Iron Man in 2008 and continuing all the way through with this year’s Captain America: Civil War. Is it possible the latest comic book development will pave the way for future films?

Today, via Comic Book Resources, we got an exclusive first look at Riri Williams’ new Iron Man armor as illustrated and designed by series artist Stefano Caselli. The design of her suit is definitely sleeker, smoother, and more fitting than clunky Iron Man suits of the past, clearly bringing the feminine element into play.


Riri Williams Iron Man suit

Riri Williams Iron Man suit


A release date for the Invincible Iron Man relaunch series has yet to be announced


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