Marvel Announces “Marvel Insider” Loyalty Program!

image003Who doesn’t love a good loyalty program? Whether we’re talking a credit card’s frequent flyer miles or a local game store’s monthly discounts for regular customers, loyalty programs are a great way to get people invested in a brand or product.

Well, Marvel Comics and have partnered with CrowdTwist to bring fans “Marvel Insider”, per a press release issued earlier today!  This means that fans of Marvel can sign up for the program and earn points that can be redeemed for various rewards.

Anyone who creates, or already has, a account can join the Marvel Insider program for free, and earn points for buying digital comics, checking out original content, and more. I decided to join the program to see what kind of activities earned me points. The program puts a lot of emphasis on social media stuff – such as connecting my Twitter and Facebook accounts, for example.

The program also offer points for identifying your favorite Marvel superhero and supervillain, but the lists are nowhere near comprehensive, and the site doesn’t allow you to enter your own.  The particularly noteworthy thing about this is that various characters such as Dr. Doom and Magneto, perhaps two of the greatest comic book villains of all time, are nowhere in sight, owing to Marvel’s ongoing feud with Fox over the movie rights to those characters. Not surprising, but certainly disappointing.

Additionally, members can earn points by watching new Marvel movie trailers, reading up on the latest news and announcements from Marvel HQ, listening to Marvel’s podcasts, and various other activities. Some of these activities (predictably, some of the ones worth the most points) are blocked unless members complete some other activity – for example, linking my Twitter account allowed me to follow a few different Marvel pages and earn 500 points for each one.

Marvel Insider Rewards

Some of the rewards available to Marvel Insider members

According to the press release, points will be redeemable for a variety of rewards, including digital comics, collectibles such as signed posters and similar swag, and a vague promise of “unforgettable experiences”. I decided to check out the available rewards once I had earned myself some points, so that I could see what was on offer. At the bottom of the reward tiers are “social packs” (I admit, I have no idea what these are – and I was nervous about “accidentally” spending points by clicking on them, so I didn’t risk it) and digital wallpapers. They also have free month- or year-long subscriptions to Marvel Unlimited for 75,000 and 500,000 points respectively. Beyond that, they have some merchandise (much of which seems kitschy), Twitter mentions by Brian Michael Bendis or David Marquez, and the opportunity to be drawn into a comic book for a whopping 750,000 points (which, let’s face it, is kinda cool).

And of course, they offer digital comics for a range of points. Members can snag older titles (2006’s Civil War #1, 2014’s Ms. Marvel #1) for 7,500 points, but more recent stuff will cost more (2016’s Power Man and Iron Fist #1 costs 20,000 points, for example). A better deal might be the collected volumes available for 60,000 points.

It’s too early to tell if Marvel Insider’s rewards will be worth it to fans old and new, but if you already tend to watch new trailers or buy digital comics, consider signing up now so that you can at least earn points for doing the stuff you usually do. Even if you only get one free comic out of it, that’s not a bad deal!

What do you think of Marvel Insider? Let me know in the comments!

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