DC All Access Gives an Insider’s Look Into The Newest Batman Game and More


On this DC all access Tiffany Smith and Jason Inman explore this week’s comics, mark the release of season two of iZombie on Blu-ray and find out more about Batman: The Telltale Series.

This week’s DC comic releases includes Nightwing: Rebirth #1 (click to see our review).  Dick Grayson returns to help Damian Wayne defuse bombs in Gotham and makes plans to take down the Parliament of Owls.

Wonder Woman #2 continues to explore Diana’s year one.  A teenage Diana wonders about what life is like off her little island.  While Steve Trevor is involved in a deadly plane crash.

The race across a post-apocalyptic America continues in Wacky Raceland #2.  The racers drive through what is left of San Francisco while avoiding flesheating nanites and secrets from the past.

Garth Ennis’ classic comic and AMC’s newest comic show, Preacher, has a new collection released.  Absolute Preacher Vol. 1 which collects the first 26 issues of the series.  Ennis goes into what some of his favorite moments from the series are.

iZombie’s first two seasons are on Blu-ray with the third season set to begin filming.  The time is now to begin watching a different take on the zombie trend with this smart and funny series.

Head of Marketing Richard Iggo for Batman: The Telltale Series gives us an inside look into gameplay.  

The player will have to live as both Batman and Bruce Wayne.  Batman will involve action and combat while playing as Wayne will involve the nerve racking decisions Telltale is known for.

Courtesy of Telltale Games
Courtesy of Telltale Games

 DC has allowed free reign over 75 years of Batman stories as a framework to create their own original story.  Iggo explains that this is early on in Batman’s career and is meeting Catwoman for the first time and Jim Gordon is still a lieutenant.

“I think people are going to be very surprised by some of the twists and turns we have in there.  We are definitely straying from canon, quite a bit,” Iggo said.   

Batman is known for his gadgets and this game won’t leave us hanging.  Some of the most notable gadgets in the game are the batarang, grappling hook, the Batmobile and a drone.  Iggo confirms a detective mode possibility similar to the one used in the Arkham games.

The combat is different from other games.  Successful button presses during quick-time-events with end with cool finisher moves according to Iggo.

Courtesy of Telltale Games
Courtesy of Telltale Games

For those who have never played a Telltale game they are all about choice and consequences.  Each choice has an effect on the game as a whole and can have major effects later in the game.

Batman: The Telltale Series first episode is coming in August and will finish with all five episodes before the end of the year.

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Don’t forget to tune in next week to see the winners of DC’s Suicide Squad cosplay contest.

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