Nathan Fillion Runs a Tight Ship at “Con Man” SDCC Panel

AFP-Getty_Comic-Con_International_2016_-_Con_Man_Panel_t940Hall H kicked off yesterday with a panel for Con Man, the show created by Alan Tudyk, loosely based on his experiences as an actor on the con circuit. Moderated by Nathan Fillion, the panel featured all the main actors in season 2, including new addition Lou Ferrigno. The panel was a lot of fun, but it was mostly just banter between the panelists. There were some bits of new info, though, so let’s break it down.

The main focus of season 2 is a musical production of Of Mice and Men that Ferrigno, as himself, approaches Tudyk’s character Wray Nerely to participate in. In a smart twist against peoples’ probable assumptions, Ferrigno plays George and Tudyk plays Lenny. They shot four full musical numbers, and have plans to release the music in some form. The idea came from Ferrigno actually approaching Tudyk in real life about doing Of Mice and Men together.

There was a trailer that showed off various funny moments from season 2. Full disclosure: I’ve never watch Con Man, but I like everyone involved and the footage was fun, so I think I’ll be checking it out. It’s streaming now on Comic Con HQ.

Other big announcements were a motion comic of SpectrumCon Man‘s show-within-a-show, available now on Madefire; and a mobile game, Con Man The Game available on August 24th.

Con Man season 2 premieres later this year on Comic Con HQ. Are you excited to see it? I don’t really need further convincing, but sound off in the comments and let me know what you think about season 1.

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