Armored Warfare PvE: The Road to Becoming a Mercenary

Within the next few weeks Obsidian Entertainment will be releasing a new patch for their free-to-play MMO game, Armored Warfare that puts PvE Missions on the front line. You and your friends will  be able rally your platoon against enemy tanks with this new tactical multiplayer content deemed the “New War”

Face off against the AI with five player cooperative play and choose the ruthlessness of your adversary with three different game modes, each increasing the computers knowledge of advanced tactics. Giving you and your fellow friends the tactical challenge you desire.

Missions will be selected from the mission map screen and will brief you on your operations background, primary objective and secondary objectives. Some of which are, assisting your friends with capturing enemy locations, destroying  or protecting targets and pushing the enemy back.

With the amazing storytelling coming from  Obsidian Entertainment with games like, Fall Out: New Vegas and Neverwinter Nights 2, this edition to Armored Warfare is sure to bring their co-operative play to the next level as the road to becoming a mercenary opens.

Armored Warfare is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online tactical military game for the PC; that lets you use tanks and other wheeled vehicles for combat in both Player vs. Player and Player vs. Environment game modes. With a vast amount of PvE missions available there’s certainly something here for everyone. For more information on Armored Warfare’s upcoming patch or to download the game itself please visit

Hope to see you guys on the battlefield!

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