American Horror Story – The Virtual Reality Experience

american-horror-story-series-sliceThe FX Network just announced they’ll be putting their fans fears to the test at San Diego Comic-Con this year.  With a chilling virtual reality experience  featuring the popular FX Series, American Horror Story. Attendees will have the chance to wander through hair raising encounters seamlessly becoming part of the show and ultimately testing your fight or flight.- How will you respond?

To find out Fans can wait in line near the center stage at Hilton Bayfront Park During San Diego Comic Con or you can avoid lines and reserve a spot at beginning July 19th.

However if your heart isn’t fond of intense horror then you’ll be happy to hear FX Networks will also be showcasing some of their other popular shows like

  • The Strain, which will erect a 25-foot “infected” Lady Liberty statue.
  • Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll,  which will be illustrated through a dramatic larger-than-life installation, featuring a smashed guitar with broken pieces several feet in size for a life size exhibit.
  • It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,  which will feature Paddy’s Pub as an escape from the heat providing water on tap and consumers will receive a branded collapsible cup to enjoy their drink.
  • Archer,  which will be broadcast live on Saturday, July 23 at the FXHibition space as part of a special “silent disco” featuring light up headphones, setting the park aglow for a late night screening. The first 300 people who arrive will receive an Archer 4-in-1 blanket.

FX will also be setting up displays in the Sculpture Garden that fans can take advantage of by scoring some sweet photo opportunities and many props will be available to view in the FX Lounge.

For more details and more information on how to be a part of the FXHibition experience, visit

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