A New Captain Marvel Series Rises From the Ashes of Civil War II

captain_marvel_coverCarol Danvers, AKA Captain Marvel, is a key player in the second Civil War rocking the Marvel Universe. The war between the heroes rises when a new Inhuman has the ability to see the feature. Captain Marvel and her allies see this an advantage for preventing major incidents while Tony Stark, Iron Man, sees this on an infringement on civil rights. In issue #3, the Inhuman’s foresight has already lead to a death of a major character.

Marvel is already planning on releasing series about what comes next in the aftermath of Civil War II with two new Iron Man series planned and now a new Captain Marvel series. Margaret Stohl, co-writer of the book series Beautiful Creatures, will be writing the relaunching of the character which will be available in early 2017.

“It’s fun to be at this moment where you’re getting to introduce the people beyond the comics fans to this powerful woman,” Stohl tells in The Hollywood Reporter in an interview. She will be one of the most popular heroes on the planet — but that’s not something she is very comfortable with. And of course she’s lost a lot of folks that she’s loved, so she has to cope with that, too. That being said, she still has a job to do as commander of the Alpha Flight, her latest mission being recruiting and training new cadets (which will give us some fun supporting castmembers). It’ll also bring with it a mysterious danger that will threaten everything Carol has built.”

The new series will be pivotal in gaining attention for the character as she is slated to have her own featured film in 2019.

You can next catch Carol Danver’s Captain Marvel in the currently published Civil War II series on sale now and early next year in her own relaunched series.

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